Help endangered Blanding's turtles thrive in Kane County with the Kane Forest Preserve Foundation's Adopt a Turtle program! With a ceremonial adoption, you'll help turtle efforts and research beyond the District's current capacity.  See our flyer​ for more details, or adopt now. Thank you!​
IMAGE: Blanding's turtle on a rock
​Saturday, March 2 & Sunday, March 3
12-3 p.m.
LeRoy Oakes
It's maple sugaring time! Come to Creek Bend Nature Center to explore the art, science, and folklore of the "sugar bush," or maple grove. You'll learn how to tap a maple tree, and you can try your hand at drilling and setting a tap. We'll simmer sap over an open fire and watch as it thickens to syrup. There will be a "Sugarin' Time" hike, during which you'​ll learn how to distinguish maples from other species of hardwood trees in the woodland. This free event is located at Creek Bend Nature Center; 37W700 Dean St., St. Charles.

Maple Sugaring Days Photo: Shutterstock/KarlUmbriaco